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Pick your favourite feature - or choose them allThe way you work on, share and secure your documents is changing, but we're here to help you take advantage of that. We're evolving our products based on your feedback so you can stay ahead of the competition.

In April, you planted new ideas and we brainstormed. Now the features are coming out, just in time for May. Pick your favorite one from the list below, or choose them all! Hey, after a long winter, you deserve some innovative tech that will let you escape the office early. 

This is our first Release blog, and we'll be updating it regularly so you can find out what's happening. Check back soon! 



You need to compare documents fast, so we’re always finding new ways to speed up the process. With this latest update of the iPhone and iPad app, we’ve put in a new design that makes it easier to locate the documents you’re comparing. Get the update and learn to compare on your iPad or iPhone (page 9).

We've also made it easier to identify every change in your PowerPoint presentations. Learn about and get the latest update.


Our latest Android update means that now if an admin enforces SSO with Azure, it will be enforced for Android users too. Get the update.

We’ve also developed an easy way for admins to store their account's document data in different geographies. We’ve recently added a feature for storing different users’ data in different locations, along with a redesign of the Data Management tab of the Admin Console, which shows you how many users are assigned to each location. Learn how to assign a data storage location.

The Data Management tab has been redesigned so you can see how many users are assigned to each location


The experience for you and your clients just got better. When you’re using the desktop app, your files will now look beautiful on high DPI displays like Microsoft Surface Pros. Get the update.

When you want to share large volumes of content, we’ve got your back. We’ve improved our iManage integration and now, not only is it really fast to share large volumes of content, but for the first time ever you can add entire workspaces to Workshare. Get the update and learn how to copy to Workshare (page 3).

Speaking of sharing large volumes of content, you can now drag and drop up to 2,000 files and folders into Workshare when you’re using a Chrome browser. No update necessary, but you might want to check and make sure you’re using the latest version of Chrome.

2000 files being dragged and dropped into Workshare


Transact is designed for the task of closing transactions, and now you can customize the index for your closing binders (known as bibles in the UK) before you deliver them to your clients.

It's also the fast way to run your deal checklists online, which is why we’ve made it even faster to find the checklist items you need. You can now filter checklist rows by status and use the search tool to find a document by index.

You can filter checklist rows by status and use the search tool to find documents by index