Workshare Release Notes, August 2018

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  • Brand new Compare product for NetDocuments 
  • 2 new releases of Workshare Protect Server

Compare in NetDocuments

Great news for NetDocuments users!

You can now compare documents quickly and accurately online. There’s no need to use a desktop application.

Compare 2 different documents or 2 versions of the same document. The redline opens in your browser. And, you won't have had to leave the NetDocuments user experience - it's as easy as that!

Find out more about the cloud-to-cloud comparison integration between Workshare and NetDocuments.

Protect server 

We’ve had 2 recent releases of Protect Server.

Protect Server 3.10 has a new feature to import and export profiles. So if you have multiple, similar profiles (like team-specific profiles), you can replicate them quickly and easily.

Protect Server 3.11 has added support for Windows Server 2016.

It also includes a new Remediation field for policies. Use this field to tell users what actions they can take when their emails are blocked. Any text you add here is displayed in the DLP [data loss prevention] notification sent to users, helping them understand what they need to do next to send their documents over email.

To get these Protect Server upgrades, contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or our Support team. If you're not a customer of Workshare, contact our sales team. They will be happy to tell you how you can start using Protect Server and stop sending emails to the wrong person or to an inappropriate email domain.

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