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Is your summer going by too quickly? Our recent releases are faster than ever (like, really fast), so you can get out of the office and enjoy the long summer days. From the latest release of Workshare 9.5 to running deals at top speed, May and June have brought some of our brightest ideas yet.

Workshare 9.5

Our latest release of Workshare makes upgrading easier for IT, while users benefit from shorter document comparison times and metadata cleaning times that are almost as fast as the speed of light. Find out what's new and upgrade today.

Workshare 9.5 has faster document comparison.


Dreaming of being on vacation longer? We've made it easier to work on the go, so you can get out of the office and head to the airport. With the latest update of the iPhone/iPad app, files will keep being added to your briefcase even if you close the app. Get the update.

You also have more control over your files when you're using the Workshare desktop app for enterprise sync and share. The latest version of the app has easy-to-access options, so you can see if your files have synced successfully and, if necessary, get to the sync conflict information quickly. Get the update.

The "Selective sync" button and the sync progress are displayed in the top bar of the Workshare desktop app.


Transact is the fast way to run your deal checklist online. We're focused on giving you smart features for the tasks you do most frequently, so you can reclaim your work day.

In the last release blog, we announced that you can filter your checklists by status, index and keyword. This release blog, we're excited to announce that you can now export your filtered checklist.

In Workshare Transact, you can export a checklist once you filter it.

And now deal admins can edit checklist items directly from the checklist. Simply toggle Edit Mode on, make your changes and go!

With Workshare Transact, you can edit items directly from the checklist when you switch the Edit Mode toggle to On.


Enjoy the rest of your Summer

We'll no doubt have more hot news for you soon, but until then we hope the speed and performance improvements we're bringing will mean you can enjoy a little more time in the sun.