Workshare Release Notes, May 2018

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Spring is in the air and this month we’re giving some love to the amazing experts behind the scenes who always manage to keep the show running.

Check out our brand new product, Workshare Detect, which helps security admins handle their firm’s engagements with care, and our latest update for Compare Server 9.5, which makes life a little easier for developers.


Between ethical walls, outside counsel guidelines and the GDPR, the stakes have never been higher for security admins. We’ve introduced a brand new product, Workshare Detect, which monitors email traffic across your firm, and then uses intelligent algorithms, developed in conjunction with an advisory group of leaders in the legal industry, to accurately predict which users and which email sharing behaviors may be putting your firm at risk.

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A big question for our clients and many law firms out there is, what security risk does email represent and how do can that risk be managed?

Statistics show that the number one cause of data loss across every industry, including legal, is mis-addressed emails. 

We hosted a webinar recently, Has Your Email Gone to the Wrong John?, where our CRO, Nick Thomson, talked about how you can use the full Workshare Secure proposition, including Detect, to take action against this widespread problem of risk associated with sharing sensitive matter files via email.

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With Workshare Compare Server 9.5.2, developers can now write rendering sets in JSON and take advantage of a new queuing system that enables Compare Server to smoothly handle many simultaneous comparisons.

With our new out-of-the-box solution for beautifully presented redlines and rich comparison tools, like change navigation and change categorization, why not relax and take a little “me time?”

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Full of the joys of Spring

Thank you for everything you do. We hope these releases make your work day a little less stressful because nothing compares to you!