Workshare Transact | Performance improvement on a global scale

Workshare Transact is a transaction management platform that makes running deal closings or Conditions Precedent (CP) processes more productive. The process moves out of the chaos of the inbox into a secure, online workspace. This is enabling transactional teams worldwide to control the paper trail, collaborate more effectively with deal participants and deliver a better overall experience for all parties.

We’re here to remove frustrations from the closing process - that’s what our technology is about - making legal teams’ lives easier and less stressful. Leading global law firms are adopting Transact at a pace and with each new firm signed, we’re learning and implementing improvements to their solution. 

S is for Speed

Life fact No1 for transactional teams: When you’re working on a deal closing you can’t waste a split second.

During the throes of a stressful deal, when you’re finalizing agreements, you need every response to be lightning fast and that includes the response from the platforms you use.

Enhanced speed of development is one thing we've delivered, ensuring excellent performance globally. Loading times are now 48% faster (and it was pretty fast to begin with). Crucially though, this isn’t just if you happen to be based in the UK or the US, this speed of response is available around the world. We have ongoing customer success in the US, Asia-Pacific and Europe in terms of deals being run and closed more efficiently using Transact.

S is for Security

Rather than being a company that rolls out new features each week, our dedicated team of developers is focused on maintaining security and improving performance. It’s super-important to us because it’s super-important to our clients around the world. Our developers' jobs are to ensure ironclad security and resilience across the network.

We’ve got the functionality clients need to run their deal closing and we are able to match this with stability and performance through our infrastructure. Workshare Transact is the only supplier able to offer data residency options to clients, meaning global law firms with regional offices can select local file storage options to satisfy client requirements and local data regulations. This can be done either in the cloud or on-premise.

S is for Status

So, Transact has been scaled to ensure our global clients have speed of response and ironclad security. Working with two of the largest global law firms, we’ve scaled up the feature set too.

Direct feedback has led to the development of our status labels. Status labels ensure that deal participants can gauge current status against each item in a checklist at a glance, whenever and wherever they choose. It’s also possible to filter by status and export this view to communicate with stakeholders around the world. 

S is for Service

Workshare has more than 16 years of experience in servicing lawyers and legal teams with software that’s specifically geared toward making their lives easier. If we’ve learned one thing it’s that software has to be complemented by service, and we’re a service firm.

While we know Transact is a great SaaS solution, we also know each deal is unique; has its own complexities; can be time hungry. Our customer success team has therefore been grown with paralegals and former transactional lawyers, dedicated to getting deal checklists live and online. This leaves our clients free to focus on value-add activities and it means they can start their closing or CP process faster.

If a team gives us their checklist template, initial documentation and any specific set up instructions, we can create their checklist in Transact. The service element of Workshare Transact means the initial heavy-lifting doesn’t become a burden to our clients.

So, let's see it then!

If you think it’s time to see Workshare Transact for yourself, drop us a line - we’d love to hear from you. And, if you work on closing transactions, there’s no doubt we’ll be coming to a deal near you very soon! 

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