Global Mergers and Acquisitions valued at US$1.69trn in 2018 through to May.

May 2018 witnessed 1,127 merger and acquisition transactions according to the latest Monthly Insider report from Mergermarket published in June. The number of agreements to be reviewed, checklists to be created and closing binders to be assembled with this volume of deals is vast.

Workshare Transact is here to help you spend more time on your clients - and their next project - rather than trawling through emails and wasting hours on admin related to a deal checklist.

Every minute spent on admin is time that can't be spent with the client negotiating on their deal or discussing their next project.

To change the status quo, transactional professionals need a radically new way to manage the deal closings process. A way that will ensure they can keep up with client activity and collaborate on deal closings - after all, there are two sides to every transaction.




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