Edition 1, 2017

Our theme for the first edition of 2017 is… yes… all things NEW! And, let’s start with a great big welcome to the New Year.

New Year, New Account Review

Our Account Managers are keen to meet you to understand your strategies and priorities for 2017 and establish how Workshare can help you achieve your goals. With the ongoing developments of Workshare technology there may be new features or functionality you’re not yet aware of or using. You might also be planning a desktop upgrade or refresh that we could help you with.

Make it a resolution to set up an account review meeting with Workshare today!

New to document comparison – PowerPoint

Spot the difference was fun when you were five, but now you’re all grown up it’s just annoying.

Changes within PowerPoint slides can be incredibly subtle and hard to identify, but they can obviously lead to embarrassing consequences when it comes to delivering a presentation. Changes to text; an image move; a slide re-shuffle can be difficult to spot during a review process, but easily throw a speaker off course..

Workshare has brought its expertise in document comparison to the PowerPoint platform. No matter how small the change, Workshare will make a big difference. You can save yourself time and grey hair using the solution..

Ryan Soosayraj, director of product management, puts it best, and if you’d like to see it for yourself, give us a call on +44 (0)20 7426 0000.

New stars in our Customer Constellation

Our We live and breathe new technology at Workshare. But we know that outside our own walls most people in the organizations we support don’t have the luxury of spending time thinking about the IT programs underpinning the processes they execute.

To help make our clients’ staff more aware of what goes into optimizing their workflows, the Workshare customer advocacy team has been making customers stars in the telling of their stories through short videos.

One of these firms was Ward Hadaway, a UK law firm who tackled improving the security of customer information by deploying a new suite of systems. Their challenge was to enable staff flexibility during the document drafting process while protecting key metadata on client files leaving their business.

New York, New York!

So good we sponsored it twice - LEGALTECH 2017

Workshare is delighted to sponsor LegalTech 2017 in the Hilton Midway, New York, again this year. It's the largest technology event in the calendar and we wouldn’t miss it for the world – so make sure you don't!

From Tuesday January 31st to Thursday February 2nd, you can stop by booth 212 and say hi to the team or email and arrange an onsite meeting. We'll be using the America’s Suite for personalized demos and events.

If you can't be there in person, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn and we’ll make you our virtual guest.

Latest vlogs and blogs

Online Deal Checklists | Introducing our new UI

It’s now easier than ever to manage transactions in an online deal checklist. The new user interface Workshare has created is so close to the paper checklist transactional lawyers are familiar with, they will feel at right at home with the solution. Hear more from Product Manager, Owen Oliver, in his vlog - and call us if you'd like a demo!

Sharing the impact of technology in the European Court of Human Rights

See Workshare’s role in helping the European Court of Human Rights disseminate and share information with real impact.

If you need a solution that’s fast, smart and secure to share your high-stakes documents, this one is for you.

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