Designed to be
enterprise ready

Workshare 9 is designed for the enterprise. User productivity
is transformed, IT costs are minimized and complete control
is retained.

Transforming Productivity to Deliver Value

With Workshare 9 productivity is transformed across the enterprise. Unnecessary admin tasks are removed from document reviews to allow users to concentrate on more important job aspects.


Shorter Document Reviews

Cut 80 needless clicks from every document review with Workshare 9. Reduce the admin required and let users focus on what counts.


Less Email

Reduce email clutter by taking documents reviews out of your inbox. Share suggested edits and updated documents in a secure online space to ensure everyone is always on the same page.


Less Admin

Automate document comparisons to ensure differences are identified fast to the highest degree of accuracy. Admin is drastically reduced to ensure you can focus on your actual job.


Next Level Security

Configure and apply security policies that match your data loss prevention and metadata protection needs. Apply these across all channels of communication to ensure hidden metadata doesn’t leave your business. Provide your users with optional security tools that are simple to use and fit right inside their workflow.


One Platform, Lower Cost

Offering a complete and unified platform that serves multiple business needs, Workshare 9 lowers your total cost of ownership. Training, deployment and support costs are dramatically reduced while user adoption is vastly improved.


Assured User Adoption

Embedding tools into existing applications being used drives up adoption and usage. Workshare fits seamlessly in your Office suite, email and desktop. Training is simplified as steps are removed from workflows.


Support when you need it

Supporting our clients and users around the world is critical which is why we deliver 24/7/365 multi-lingual support. With world class response times, our highly skilled teams are on hand to provide support, from simple advice to detailed technical issues, over live chat, email or telephone.

Committed to Your Success

Trusted Product

Trusted by small organizations through to even the largest enterprises, our goal is to deliver you world class products that lower your costs, are easy to install and are loved by users.

Maximised Investment

Ensuring our users discover the productivity savings is critical to our success and yours. We take our clients through a rigorous process to ensure they get the most from their investment.

Managed Deployment

Our Success team will manage your deployment from start to finish to enable a smooth transition to a better way of working. Our Six Steps to Success model ensures that you and your team get the most from the platform.

Want to learn more?

Want to discover more about how Workshare 9 can transform your enterprise productivity? Why not start a free trial to experience the benefits. Alternatively if you have a question about Workshare 9, get in touch with us.

Our Customers

Anthony Graham Head of Information Systems

"With Professional 8 and Protect Server, we have met our lawyers’ needs for an easy-to-use application, and IT’s need for 360-degree protection."

Anthony Graham Head of Information Systems

Thomson Snell & Passmore LLP
Adam Davidson

"We have given users the confidence that their documents don't contain any sensitive data. We've improved the way we manage documents and expect to see a return on investment in less than a year."

Adam Davidson

National Grid
Gary Yantin

"Workshare is simple to use and offers our members the opportunity to build personal relationships over a wide range of disciplines and regions with like-minded lawyers."

Gary Yantin
Managing Director