End of life policy

Workshare is committed to providing high quality, supportable solutions to our customers. Rapidly changing technologies, OS platforms and integrations with 3rd-party products, as well as competitive pressure, drive the need to introduce new products and integrations. Clearly, retiring older software revisions as well as products is essential to this process. To this end, we provide an End of Life (EOL) policy to all our customers to understand our product release and support cycles.

Only Workshare Desktop- and Server-based product releases are subject to the EOL policy; online services such as Connect, and apps associated with the Connect product are designed to be updated automatically so there is no concept of EOL. Customers are recommended to enable automatic updates for Connect apps.

EOL Announcement Period:

Workshare will continue to support any product or version that has been announced as entering EOL for 12 months.


Support for Workshare products is provided for the current shipping major version plus Service Releases and 1 previous major version. As well as technical support services (by telephone and online) offered to customers with a valid term license, the concept of a supported product includes:

  • Software enhancements & updates
  • Maintenance engineering for critical issues
  • Service Requests (SR) escalated to Change Requests primarily on current shipping major version – other/previous versions that include the SR are subject to that version’s status in terms of EOL

Workshare software has been fully tested against 3rd party software and listed as verified supported environments in the Products web pages on www.workshare.com, under TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS. These are the formal product requirements and verified supported environments for the Supported Current Version.

Product Releases

Major product releases are defined as major version - “the number before the dot” releases. Desktop Product releases include products such as Workshare Compare and Workshare Professional, Server Product releases include Compare Server and Protect Server.

An example of major version releases of Workshare products would be version or dot releases, for example, Workshare Professional 10 or Workshare Protect Server 3.2.

The Workshare policy is to provide Support for the current shipping version of products for one previous major version plus associated Service Releases.


Once the End of Life process starts on a major product release, we will make public (via a devoted web page) entry into the EOL process and how long the process will continue until the product is no longer supported by Workshare (normally 12 months). Once EOL has been announced on a major product release, Workshare will provide Support for a subsequent 12-month period following the announcement.

Workshare Product Support Matrix (as of May 2019)
Support / Subscription
Current Version
Support / Subscription
Previous Version
Product End of Life 
End 30th April 2020
Workshare Professional 10 Workshare Professional 9.x Workshare Professional 8
Workshare Compare 10 Workshare Compare 9.x Workshare Compare 8
Workshare Protect 10 Workshare Protect 9.x Workshare Protect 8
Workshare Protect Server 3.6 Workshare Protect 3.5, 3.0 -
Workshare Compare Server 8* Workshare Compare Server 7.5* -


  • Workshare Professional 8, Workshare Compare 8, Workshare Protect 8 EOL has been announced in May 2019 and it will be supported for a further 12 months.
  • Workshare Professional 7.5, Workshare Compare 7.5, Workshare Protect 7.5 reached EOL in February 2017.
  • Workshare Professional 7, FP1, FP2, FP3, Workshare Compare 7, FP1, FP2, FP3, Workshare Protect 7, FP1, FP2 and FP3 reached EOL in December 2015.
  • Workshare Professional 5.2 SR3, Workshare Compare 5.2 SR3, and Workshare Protect 6.2 SR3 reached EOL in January 2015. 
  • Workshare Professional 5.2 SR1, SR2, Workshare Compare 5.2 SR1, SR2, and Workshare Protect SR1, SR2, Workshare Protect 4.5 SR1 reached EOL in March 2014. 
  • For versions after Professional 8 / Compare 8, “Compare for PowerPoint” functionality will be incorporated into the standard Compare and Professional packages and no longer shipped as a separate orderable product
  • For licensed customers on Workshare Connect subscription plans, the Windows and Mac OS X Workshare Desktop Sync App - (available from your download centre) and the iOS and Android mobile apps are updated frequently in "app-style" release cycles with built-in update alerts. Workshare formally supports the latest version so customers are advised to keep their app up-to-date.

* Compare Server features an engine (which relates to the version release) and an API that is NOT tied to a particular version. The API is 100% backwards compatible with Current, Previous and End of Life versions.