Banking and Finance

Workshare helps financial institutions of all sizes with accurate file comparison, document security and transaction management. Banks, insurers, accountants, equities and derivatives traders use Workshare services worldwide.

Document Comparison

When you review hundreds of financial matters each day, you need a fast, accurate way to see when the content of a file has changed.

Workshare Compare is the market-leading solution for document comparison.

Compare any 2 files or 2 versions of a file and see exactly what's different. A redline report is returned quickly highlighting all areas where content has been changed.

Edits are shown in a category view. This makes reading the change report easier and it saves you valuable time on each document, each day.

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What's special about Workshare Compare?

  • Workshare was first to market, creating the powerful DeltaView comparison engine
  • Comparisons can be run anywhere - from the Desktop, in the Cloud, or on a mobile device
  • Files in any language can be compared
  • Compare Word, PowerPoint and PDF files – with Excel Workbooks coming soon
  • Snippets of text or code, images or complex tables can all be compared
  • Workshare Compare is integrated with all major DMSs or ECMs.

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File security

In the highly regulated finance sector, sensitive data must be protected above all else. Protect the files you share over email using Workshare Secure.

You can safeguard data by applying security policies to your mail flow. This enables you to remove sensitive metadata from email attachments before they're shared - without interrupting workflow.

Firms can also apply recipient checks to email and prevent attachments going to the wrong people.

It's possible to monitor attachments being sent in order to detect sharing risks. Any threats can be neutralized and security policies can be continuously improved.

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Benefits of Workshare Secure:

  • Remove sensitive metadata hidden inside attachments before they're shared
  • Complete recipient checks on email to stop accidental data loss
  • Ensure files are never emailed to inappropriate and non-corporate domains
  • Track files sent over email to detect sharing risks or data loss events

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Transaction Management

Workshare Transact is a secure online transaction management platform. It is being used on hundreds of finance transactions run by global law firms. Internal bank legal teams can benefit from using Workshare Transact too. Managing transactions more efficiently and securely away from email.

Lawyers can quickly create online document or CP checklists for loan deals of any type or size. Documentation is anchored to the checklist and borrowers can upload relevant files directly.


Built in the Workshare Connect platform, Workshare Transact offers robust, reliable security credentials. We operate to the highest security standards of a SaaS provider.

Simple to start

It's simple to get started and legal teams report seeing benefit within an hour or two to kick-off.

The platform is intuitive, but our customer success team can provide all the training needed to get you up and running. Our team is ready to assist your legal staff 24/7.

All parties get better visibility, meaning the risk of closing without key documentation is minimizised. The full and final documentation is in one place for the post-closing management of the loan. And, the closing binder can be assembled very quickly for an efficient exit.

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Unique benefits of Workshare Transact:

  • All documents organized and secured in one place – no need to rely on email
  • Use for internal counsel, or open it to borrowers and outside counsel
  • Live status updates displayed in a simple traffic light system
  • Document comparison capability built-in
  • ISO27001 certified

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