DeltaView file comparison was created specifically for the legal industry +20years ago. Workshare has been innovating to serve legal professionals ever since.

Choose Workshare to compare matter files, protect client data and run your transactions efficiently and productively.

Review matter files

DeltaView was created specifically for legal professionals. Workshare Compare is still the market-leading document comparison solution.

Compare any 2 files or 2 versions of a file and see exactly what's different. A redline report is returned quickly, highlighting all areas where the content has been changed.

Workshare makes reading changes in documents really simple to save valuable time. Edits are shown in a category view, so you can navigate between types of changes quickly.

Workshare Compare

  • Compare Word, PDF, PowerPoint, Excel files and more
  • Review long documents with complex tables
  • Preserve all original formatting during a review
  • Use the application on your desktop or online
  • Integrate it with a document or content management system

Find out more about comparing your matter
files using Workshare Compare

Workshare Compare

Protect client data

Protect every matter file you share along with all your client data.

Ensure sensitive metadata hidden in files is always removed before sharing. Take control and select which metadata is removed from email attachments. Or, apply security at a policy-level to automatically search for sensitive content and strip it out.

Protecting matter files takes an instant. The cleaning process won’t hold up workflows and could prevent embarrassing data loss events.

Proactively detect sharing risks in your firm by monitoring email flows. If users are acting outside policy or sharing files in a way that poses a risk, this is flagged for investigation.

Understand when an ethical wall is being breached and mitigate potential data loss. Use Workshare Secure to stay compliant and maintain client trust.

Workshare Secure

  • Prevent personally identifiable information being shared
  • Stop matter files going to the wrong people or email domains
  • Automatically remove sensitive metadata from matter files
  • Comply with outside counsel guidelines and meet audit requirements
Workshare Secur

Workshare Secure can be integrated with iManage security policy manager and threat manager. Together, we’re providing a proactive, policy-driven security model for the legal enterprise. Protect every legal work product, however it’s shared.

Transaction management

Created by transactional lawyers for transactional teams, Workshare Transact is revolutionizing deal closings.

A deal checklist is converted into a secure online workspace. It becomes a collaborative environment for document collection and organization. Helping teams deliver the perfect deal closing.

Workshare Transact reflects the process and workflows transactional teams use today. But, the process is more cost-efficient and productive.

Clients can access a checklist anytime, creating transparency and a better experience. The status of every item is available to review instantly. Plus, bibles or closing binders can be produced in moments after the deal has closed. Manage the cost of a closing and drive efficiency into the process with Workshare Transact.

Workshare Transact

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) means deals are always accessible online
  • Secured to the highest standards with ISO27001 certification
  • Supported 24/7 by a team of legal experts and professionals
  • Integrated DeltaView comparison for fast reviews
  • Live deal progress shown in a traffic light system to invited parties
Workshare Compare

Use Workshare Transact for your CP collections, M&A deals and any other deal closing. A number of leading and innovative law firms are already it.

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