Marketing and Creative

Workshare enables creative professionals to share, collaborate, and progress content quickly and securely.

Keep Projects On Track

Deliver client projects faster and improve client service by responding immediately to alerts and changes. Content is instantly synchronized across all connected devices, enabling access to the most up-to-date, pixel-perfect-rendered files anytime, anywhere.

  • Stay up to date with changes from multiple parties on any device - desktop or mobile.
  • Keep feedback relevant and in context with positional comments tagged to text or images.
  • Stay productive with the ability to highlight and annotate content, make comments, add, or compare versions securely from any device.

Protect Intellectual Property

Give each project, client, and campaign its own secure workspace to ensure only the right people can access, comment on, and edit specific content.

  • Protect IP by setting file expiration dates and remove access to folders when the creative process is complete.
  • Monitor access to folders and activity.
  • Extend access to partners and clients outside the organization to continue collaborating on campaign content securely.

Make Sharing Content Easy

Ensure everyone involved in a project has access to content with folder-level permissions.

  • Share content of any size, in over 200 file formats.
  • Brand workspaces to improve client experience and agency image – even with a custom, client- or campaign-specific URL.
  • Access content from mobile devices to stay connected and responsive.