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In your world, content is king. Articles, white papers, ads, banners and everything in between need to be shared with colleagues and clients. Get the fast, accurate way to see exactly what’s changing in your content as it goes from review to sign off.

Content and copy reviews

When you’re working on a project, your content might go through lots of iterations before achieving sign off. First you want to review it, then you have colleagues editing and also clients. So, use Workshare Compare to understand whenever something in your content has changed.

You can always keep track of the latest version and when a new draft is created, save that back to your local machine or a document management system. It works great with copy of any length, so whether it’s super long or extremely concise, you will never miss a thing, which can prevent embarrassing mistakes from happening.

Selective comparison

Workshare Selective Compare gives you the option to compare snippets of copy, or you can compare 2 images or tables - any content really.

Selective compare uses the same powerful comparison engine to show every difference. It just means you don’t have to run a comparison on an entire document if you don’t need to.

Compare PowerPoint, Word and PDF

Use Workshare Compare when you’re working in PowerPoint, Word, PDF or another type of text file. Select the 2 files you want to compare, run it and see what’s different.

When you run a comparison, all the changes are shown by category. You can focus on content or formatting.

In PowerPoint, each change is displayed in a simple list on the slide. You don’t need to search through a slide deck to analyze what’s new. Every positional, text, color and image move/add/deletion is captured and displayed for you.

Workshare Compare

  • Work on the desktop or online
  • Review long or short copy, snippets or images
  • Files in any language can be compared
  • Preserve all original formatting during a review

Workshare Compare

Avoid those awkward moments

When you create documents you add metadata to them. Often you can’t see it and it’s hidden in the file. The metadata contains things like track changes, authorship information or time and date stamps. Before you share a document outside your firm, it makes sense to clean this hidden metadata.

Stripping files of metadata can put a stop to awkward moments. For example, issuing a PR with tracked changes still embedded.

The metadata cleaning process can happen in Outlook or via other sharing platforms. It can also be automatic, set a server level. The whole action can happen quickly and seamlessly behind the scenes, while protecting you and your clients’ data.

Thankfully, it’s fast and easy to make sure your Word documents and PDFs are secure. This illustrated tutorial shows you how to clean metadata from email attachments.

Just to let you know, you can use these same steps to clean PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets.

A quick note – If you don't have Workshare Protect (part of Workshare Secure) yet, you can get a trial version set up in less than 5 minutes.

Prevent emails going to the wrong people

You can use Workshare Secure to prevent emails going to unauthorized people or email domains. It’s a common mistake, but it can cause data loss events when you select the wrong person from an auto-fill in email.

Using Workshare, you can create approved lists of people on a project. Then emails will be released to them but blocked to anyone not on the list. It’s a safety net that stops you sending email attachments to the “wrong John”.

Workshare Secure

Other rules can be set up too, according to your security policies:

  • Convert files to PDF so embedded objects, like data sources in charts, aren’t shared
  • Automatic metadata cleaning before attachments are sent
  • Large files can be converted into secure links to the file
  • Track sharing patterns to look for unusual or risky behavior from users

Learn more about Workshare Secure.

Workshare Secur

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