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Workshare creates solutions for professionals who work on important documents every day. Established in 1999, we’re still the market leader for file comparison. And, we’re still innovating in data security and content review.

Document reviews

Workshare Compare helps you quickly compare 2 files or 2 versions of the same document. When you work on 100s of documents each day that need to be shared by multiple parties, Workshare is a quick and accurate of showing you any changes.

Going beyond text, you will see formatting changes, edits to images or tables. It can be used to compare Word, PDF or PowerPoint files. The power and accuracy of our comparison engine will ensure you never miss a thing.

Workshare makes reading changes in documents simple, saving valuable time. Edits are shown in a category view and you can navigate between different types of changes with ease.

Workshare Compare

  • Share change reports with multiple parties
  • Save new drafts back to your desktop or DMS
  • Review long documents with complex tables
  • Maintain original formatting during a review
  • Use Workshare Compare on your desktop or online
  • Integrates with major document and content management systems

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Workshare Compare

Protect client data

Protect every file you share along with all your client data.

Ensure sensitive metadata hidden in files is removed before being shared.

Take control of which metadata you remove from email attachments or apply security at a policy-level to automatically search for sensitive content and strip it out.

Protecting files only takes an instant. The cleaning process won’t hold up your workflows and could prevent embarrassing data loss events.

Detect sharing risks

Your business can proactively detect sharing risks by adding a machine learning layer to the mail flow. If users are acting outside of policy or sharing files in a way that poses a risk, this is flagged for investigation.

Understand when an ethical wall is being breached and mitigate potential data loss. Use Workshare Secure to stay compliant with regulation and maintain client trust.

Workshare Secure

  • Prevent personally identifiable information being shared
  • Stop matter files going to the wrong people or email domains
  • Automatically remove sensitive metadata from files
  • Comply with regulation and audit requirements

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Workshare Secur

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