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Understanding what you need drives our improvement. We’re listening hard to customers
and have prioritized what’s most important to you – speed and accuracy.

Accuracy in comparison is everything. With Workshare 9.5 we’ve improved PDF comparison, including OCR. We’re also transforming the way you compare complex tables, making changes easier to understand. Even complex structures in tables can be compared accurately and displayed beautifully.

Workshare 9

No need to reformat

Workshare 9.5

No need to reformat

Workshare 9.5 is now faster than ever

No need to reformat
No need to reformat

We’ve got a quieter approach to licensing now that won’t interrupt your workflow. When the license is due to expire, we notify your administrator, rather than your end-user.

No need to reformat

Speed is your focus for metadata cleaning. We no longer open documents to scrub them, which has made it 65% faster than before. And, comparing documents is 30% faster, because we’re changing the way the application loads.

Workshare Transparent Roadmap

About this Roadmap

Our Transparent Roadmap is here to give you a clear view of what we're working on and what we're about to work on. There are three lists here – Next Up are features you’ll see in a month or two, In Progress means the feature’s already being developed and the In Research items are features also in progress but in need of your input.

Document Comparison related

Metadata Cleaning related

DMS Integration related

Suggestions? Tell us what you need!

Next Up (Q2)

Beautiful basics #1: Accuracy. Improved Word tables comparison; more accurate and easier to read

Beautiful basics #2: Improved PDF comparison. Tables and columns improvements and overlap prevention

Beautiful basics #3: OCR. Improved scanned PDF comparison, new OCR engines

Beautiful basics #4: Performance. Our fastest ever metadata cleaning on Outlook - up to 10x faster target

Compare from anywhere #1: Your inbox. Improved inbox alerting and one-click comparison from Outlook

We Listened, Improved Licensing: Simpler licensing and frictionless user authentication

In Progress (Q3)

Native PDF comparison. Improved, side-by-side native PDF comparison that's more accurate and much easier to read

Beautiful basics #5: Faster selection. Single, simple way to select original and modified Word, PowerPoint and PDF documents

Improved usability #1: Comparison. Surface popular features; do what you need to with fewer clicks

In Research (seeking feedback)

Auto update (option). Pushed software improvements with more frequent fixes (for Admins who want this)

Compare from anywhere #2: Contextual Intelligence. Find and compare versions anywhere, across email, local drives or online fileshares

Improved usability #2: UX refresh. Spend less time looking for features and more time getting value from them

Compare from anywhere #3: Your DMS. Embedded one-click redline from within your Document Management System

Your Questions Answered
Has licensing changed?

Our improved licensing system mean less interruption for users and more flexibility for renewal admins.

Will my users need retraining?

There is no need for retraining or relearning. The improvements and advances in this release focus on making familiar and essential functionality better and faster.

What environments will it support?

Workshare aims to support the latest releases for all the environments we support. Like Microsoft, this release will no longer support Office 2007.

Is installation straightforward?

There is no need to uninstall previous versions. It’s a familiar and complete install that can be run on top of your current installation of Workshare.

Do I have to pay extra for this release and when can I get it?

No, not if you have a valid term license or up-to-date support and maintenance with Workshare. The release of Workshare 9.5 is targeted for June 2017.

We’re making this for you, with you.