Fast document reviews start with
the best comparison tool

Other solutions don’t compare

  • Compare files on your desktop or mobile device, whether working online or offline
  • Fully integrated with Outlook, get updates as soon as new edits are received
  • Changes to files are grouped by type and relevance, so you can get to the next version faster
  • It’s easy to accept or reject changes within documents with a single click

Less time spent
on reviews


Less time
on admin


Compare any document

Accurately compare multiple documents in a matter of seconds. In a single click, identify all the differences – no matter how minute – between two versions of a document. And, when formatting is irregular or unusual, Workshare comes into its own; it’s simple to correct font or spacing changes with a single click.

No need to reformat

Easy-to-read DeltaView redline

Comparison is displayed as a DeltaView – the industry benchmark for simple, accurate redlines. This can then be saved as a new version, shared and exported as Word Track Changes.

Easy-to-read DeltaView redline

Receive change alerts to your inbox

Email alerts can be set up and directed to your inbox, so you will instantly know if any changes have been made to one of your files. No manual checking is needed to identify the differences between versions. Instead instantly see what’s changed with a single click.

Instantly see whats changed

View relevant changes only

Group and view changes by type and relevance, so you can immediately review your priorities. It also provides the ability to understand how long it will take to review a document and produce the next draft.

View relevant changes only

No need to reformat

Save hours of time previously spent reformatting documents. You need only accept the amendments you want in your document. Any changes to fonts, spacing and margins you don’t want can be rejected and with one click you can reapply your original house style.

No need to reformat

Comment and compare files anywhere

View redlines whether you’re in the office or on the move. See comments and feedback, mark up and revise versions from any device. Compare documents both online and in the Workshare mobile app.

Comment and compare anywhere

"When you’ve various matters for one client, it’s good to know that the systems you’re using are effective. I feel I can trust Workshare to pick up the changes. It just speeds up the process"

Luke Ainsworth, Solicitor