World's most accurate comparison technology


As the world’s leading comparison solution, Workshare 9 can immediately compare different versions of a Word document with ease and 100% accuracy – no matter how complex the content. With a simple click multiple PDF files can be compared to see what’s changed. And, when formatting is irregular or unusual, Workshare 9 comes into its own.

No need to reformat

See changes instantly

Emails are flagged in your inbox to instantly alert you if any changes have been made to attached PDF documents returned to you. No manual checking to identify the differences. In one single click, instantly compare your sent and received document attachments and see what’s changed.

Instantly see whats changed

View relevant changes only

Workshare 9 provides the most advanced review – the ability to group and view changes by type and relevance so you can immediately understand how long it will take to review a document and produce the next draft faster.

View relevant changes only

No need to reformat

Save hours of reformatting time. Changes such as fonts, spacings and margins in returned documents can be rejected. Only accept the amends you want and with one click apply them back into your original house style

No need to reformat
Comment and compare anywhere

Comment and compare anywhere

View redlines whether you're in the office or on the move. See comments and feedback, mark up and improve versions on any device. Compare documents both online and in the Workshare mobile app.

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"When you’ve various matters for one client, it’s good to know that the systems you’re using are effective. I feel I can trust Workshare to pick up the changes. It just speeds up the process"

Luke Ainsworth, Solicitor

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