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Every change matters. Test the power of the Workshare Compare engine to review your documents quickly and accurately.

To compare documents in all languages, whenever you want, get Workshare Professional 10 on your desktop.

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When you compare two documents as part of a structured review, every change matters. Complete the process quickly and accurately, ensuring not the least little change is missed.

No matter how long or complex the content, you can navigate effortlessly between individual changes or focus on changes grouped by category – from simple punctuation to complex alteration of content that makes a material difference.

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In the cloud or on-premise

Compare documents, wherever you are

We’re the masters of comparison and have been doing this for 20 years. We’ve transformed our market-leading comparison technology into a beautiful, fast, efficient web application. Whether you’re in the office or on the move, accessing documents from your laptop or a mobile device, you can now get the full power of DeltaView comparison in seconds, online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which formats are supported to compare online?

In this online demo, you can compare doc, docx, pdf and rtf formats.

Which formats are supported in the desktop version (Workshare Professional 10)?

You can compare Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF files, including image-based PDF files. Learn more about Workshare Compare.

How do you process the data submitted?

Upon submission, your documents are sent to our comparison service, processed to present the comparison and removed just after; No copy is kept in our server.

The form helps us to identify you as a person (not a bot) and to show you a message when the maximum number of comparisons is reached.

The information is only sent and processed upon agreement and in accordance with our online master service agreement and privacy policy.

I've reached the maximum number of comparisons in the browser, what can I do next?

You can download a 14-day trial on your desktop, purchase a Workshare Compare license online or if you would like to have further information about the product, check the Workshare Compare page or contact our sales team.

Can I use the comparison engine customised to my business needs?

Yes, you can. Check all the details in the Workshare Compare Server page and get in contact with us.

What is the cost of a Workshare Compare license?

You can check the price of a Workshare Compare license on the online purchase form. Add as many users needed using the + button on the form field "Added Users" to see the final cost.

After purchase, you will receive an invoice and instructions to download Workshare Compare to your computer.

Incomplete answer in our FAQ? Please let us know.