Workshare Professional 10, Version 10.1

Release Date: 27 March 2019

New features

With our new Launch new comparison in running instance functionality, if you have Workshare Compare open and you start another comparison, the new comparison will display in a new tab in the already running instance of Compare.

Tied to the above feature, you can now send multiple redlines attached to a single email when you have multiple redlines open in Compare.

Workshare Professional 10.1 has fully integrated with an iManage work 10. Enjoy fully supported iManage Work 10 environments, including on premise, private cloud and elastic cloud, on any device.

Learn more

These guides will help you install and use Workshare Professional 10.1 

  • Release Notes: See the system requirements, bug fixes and known issues.
  • Installation Guide: Everything you need to know about installing Professional 10.
  • User Guide: Get the detailed steps for using any feature - it's all described here.

Get it now

Workshare Professional 10.1 is available as a full install, which you can get by clicking the Download for Windows button in the Download Center.

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