Workshare Compare Server, version 9.5.2

Release Date: 21 May 2018

New features

  • Ability to write rendering sets in JSON: We've added a new endpoint to the RESTful APIs that converts JSON to the format of the Workshare Rendering options so you can write in a language that's familiar to you and let our APIs do the hard work.
  • Out-of-the-box visuals and tools for redlines: With our ready-made solution, redlines are beautifully presented in a browser along with rich comparison tools such as change navigation and change categorization. You can even customize the experience for your users.
  • New queuing system: We've added new endpoints to the RESTful APIs that put comparison requests into an orderly queue. This enables Compare Server to successfully handle multiple, simultaneous comparisons so your users have a smooth and satisfactory experience - even when Compare Server is extraordinarily busy in the background.
  • Independent RESTful APIs: By default only the RESTful APIs are installed, so the entire Compare Server application runs in one IIS instance without requiring a Windows service to be installed. If you use the SOAP APIs, don't worry - you still have the option to install them.

Improvements and fixes

See the full list of improvements and fixes in the Release Notes.

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