Workshare desktop app, version 2.20

Release Date: 24 October 2017

The Workshare desktop app is more robust than ever with this maintenance release. We've made performance improvements and we've resolved some pesky bugs. Here are some of the key ones:

Improvements and fixes

  • In previous versions of the desktop app, if a user resolved more than one sync conflict at the same time, the spinning icons (indicating that the conflicts were being resolved) would freeze. This issue has now been resolved so the spinning icons display as expected. (Ref: WSD-59)
  • When the desktop app is upgraded and there is a different directory structure in the Workshare Sync folder, any files that are locked cannot be synced so a sync conflict message is triggered. With this release of the desktop app, the wording of the sync conflict has been improved to make it clear what the user should do. (Ref: WSD-46)

Change requests fixed

  • In previous versions of the desktop app, it wasn’t possible to upload files from iManage if they had colon in the file name. This version of the app resolves the issue. Upload away! (Ref: WSD-42; CR: 01073889)

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