Workshare Detect Server, Version 1.8

Release Date: 03 June 2019

What's new?

The 1.8 release adds a second report to Detect Server. The client audit report enables you to monitor email activity on a per client basis. It’s a report on all emails sent to and from a law firm, covering every client a law firm works with.

What is Workshare Detect Server

Detect Server is a server installation that provides a clear view into your firm’s email traffic, allowing you to recognize & flag data security breaches and patterns of interest. The information gathered needs to be easily consumable, and Detect Server reports are being built into the product for ease of use. 

Benefits of Workshare Detect Server

  • Monitor emails, without blocking
  • React quickly to discover the source of data leaks
  • Check the email activity of departing employees
  • Filter large amounts of data to easily identify a problem
  • Comply with data protection regulations

For more information, including guides and release notes, see our Workshare Detect Server Documentation page.

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