Workshare Protect Server (Azure), version 3.9

Release Date: 03 November 2017

Are you moving or have you moved to a new Exchange Online system (part of the Office 365 suite) in place of an on-premise Exchange Server? We've got you covered. We've released Workshare Protect Server (Azure) 3.9, which is hosted on Microsoft Azure and is certified for Exchange Online.

Just like Protect Server installed on-premise, with Protect Server on Azure, your IT team sets up email security policies to enforce your ethical wall policies and prevent sensitive documents from going to the wrong people.

Because it's all in the cloud, most of the installation is done for you so it's easy to get going. To set it up, simply connect Protect Server on Azure with your instance of Exchange Online. Once you're done, whenever Exchange Online receives an outgoing email, it passes it on to Protect Server on Azure to process according to your policies. To find out more, check out the documentation.

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