Workshare Protect Server, version 3.10

Release Date: 01 July 2018

With Workshare Protect Server 3.10, it’s faster and easier to get set up.

You can now import and export profiles, so if you have multiple, similar profiles (like team-specific ones), you can create a template profile and then replicate it as many times as you need. Equally, if you have multiple sites (for example, disaster recovery sites or multiple IT teams handling local sites), you can configure a profile for one environment and replicate it for the others.

Protect Server 3.10 also has an improved upgrader that automatically upgrades Protect Portal when you upgrade the rest of your Protect Server, plus migrates AD Cache settings.

Additionally, this release contains performance improvements and bug fixes.

Find out all the details in the release notes.

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To get Workshare Protect Server 3.10, contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or our Support team.

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