Workshare Transact - New Interface

Release Date: 30 April 2019

Fast, intuitive and beautifully designed. Welcome to the brand new Workshare Transact interface.

Workshare Transact has been rebuilt entirely to provide a new interface, providing an unrivalled user experience that matches the best consumer web applications on the market.

Whats new?

  • dashboard helps participants quickly understand what’s going on in the deal.
  • The “collapsed” checklist view lets you easily scroll through your checklist from top to bottom.
  • Files are now viewed and uploaded in a pop up box that appears over the top of the checklist.
  • When uploading related files you can now upload multiple files at once.
  • Checklist search improvements mean that when searching for a term across the checklist, matches are provided against all text fields.


For more information, tips and help, please see our Welcome to the new Transact interface article in the Workshare Knowledge Base.

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