Keeping sharing simple, smart and secure

Geared towards truly supporting the way the NHS works today, Workshare provides a single, cost effective solution to organize and share files while ensuring the data within them remains secure.

Improve Processes

Create workflow efficiencies

Gain time savings

What you can expect from Workshare

A simple way to share files

Create groups or folders online; invite approved and relevant parties to join, then simply drag-and-drop files to start sharing. You don't need to be at your desk to share or access documents either, users can work from the office or while on-the-go.

No need to reformat

Flexibility that supports mobile working

Files can be viewed, edited and commented on directly within the application at any time and from any device. Users can operate offline automatically synchronizing as soon as they come back online. This software development truly supports the way the NHS works today.

No need to reformat

A significant reduction in email

Email traffic can be reduced by as much as 60% with Workshare. Integration with Outlook enables users to receive notification of changes to a document as they are made. There's no need to “live in email”, as all new versions of a file, any comments and changes are captured directly in the document with a full audit history of changes available.

No need to reformat

Complete data security

Built-in permissions management technology allows only approved people to access files. Workshare crawls files before they are shared to strip out sensitive content that might be hidden within a document. And, for compliance, organization-wide policies can be applied to the system to protect both the content in files you can see and that which you can't.

No need to reformat

"I’ve worked with NHS Trusts for more than two years. Having experience of the unique requirements of professionals in the NHS, I know Workshare can deliver improved document collaboration and file sharing solutions."

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