Case Studies

Check out the case studies below to learn how organizations like yours benefit from Workshare applications. Read about their experiences and see what products would work best for you.

Clifford Chance Innovating to Drive Customer Success

Global law firm, Clifford Chance, has prioritized rollout of Workshare Transact as part of their approach to innovation and best practice focused on driving customer success. The online deal checklist solution is used across the world and is changing the way Clifford Chance's transactional teams run CP collections and other deal closing processes for their clients.

Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas implement GDPR data security controls with Workshare Secure

Top Indian law firm, Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co, is leading the way by strengthening data security controls for all its clients, including those subject to GDPR.

The firm is using Workshare Secure to protect matter files shared outside the company, removing sensitive metadata and personally identifiable information.

Arntzen de Besche - The collective benefits of collaborating on Workshare Transact

Norwegian law firm, Arntzen de Besche, is using Workshare Transact to make deal closings more efficient. The team is experiencing the benefits of managing document checklists in the online platform. And, they love saving time when creating bibles for clients.

But, what they really want is for more law firms to adopt the platform. They believe when all parties collaborate on Workshare Transact the efficiencies are multiplied. 

Price Sierakowski Corporate Crossing Borders with Workshare Transact

Boutique Australian law firm, Price Sierakowski Corporate, collaboratively run a cross-border IPO through Workshare Transact. The engagement delivered efficiency and significant cost savings.

European law firm, Fieldfisher, use innovation to continually improve M&A transactions

European law firm, Fieldfisher, were looking for innovative technology to continue improving their clients' M&A transactions. We asked the team what drove their decision to use Workshare Transact and what benefits the team and their clients are experiencing.

Leading global law firm, Simmons & Simmons, use Workshare Transact

Leading global law firm, Simmons & Simmons are using Workshare Transact to streamline their legal transactions. The application supports the firm's related document management tasks, including versioning of agreements, exchange of signature pages, and allows them to create bibles (or closing binders) once the deal has closed – saving huge amounts of administrative time.



Ward Hadaway

What's making the difference for Ward Hadaway?

Using Workshare Compare on the thousands of cases they work on each year.

Ward Hadaway

How Ward Hadaway clean documents of hidden metadata to prevent data loss and protect confidential information.

The European Court of Human Rights

See Workshare’s role in helping the European Court of Human Rights disseminate and share information with real impact.

Glider Yachts

Glider Yachts Ltd use Workshare as a secure place to collaborate on documents. Learn how this has helped them revolutionize super yacht design - fast.


Learn how  Barcelona-based boutique law firm JAP Law saved two hours a day in administration time through using Workshare Transact for real estate
transactions for the logistics hospitality, healthcare and MICE sector.

Campbell Killin Brittan & Ray LLC

CKBR selected Workshare Transact to improve the efficiency of its legal transactions and create a better deal experience for CKBR lawyers and external participants.


Workshare Professional provides banking giant with optimized, simplified document sharing and editing, with robust security and compliance.

Graubard Miller

New York law firm deploys Workshare, a reliable document comparison tool that's accurate enough for the legal sector and easy enough for daily use.


A successful, innovative commercial law firm handles large numbers of documents and collaborators with Workshare Professional.

Houthoff Buruma

Leading Dutch law firm enables teams to collaborate with far higher staff productivity and efficiency by using Workshare Professional.


Leading international law firm looked to Workshare to manage changes in documents to guarantee a high standard of client service.

KfW Bankengruppe

Workshare Protect delivers simple removal of risky data from Office documents for KfW Bankengruppe without disturbing the work routine.


Workshare Protect Server gave one of Canada’s top business law firms central, policy-enforced metadata cleaning that works without user intervention.

Tullow Oil

Managing and sharing documents without hindering business processes. Learn how Workshare Compare ticked all the boxes.

Carsted Rosenberg Advokatfirma

Find out how Carsted Rosenberg, an agile, paperless law firm, is competing alongside some of the largest global firms to provide banking and finance transactional legal services, as well as corporate law support.

Bourland, Wall & Wenzel

Read how the team at Bourland, Wall & Wenzel helping their teams to progress cases faster with Workshare.