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B. Braun

Business Profile




To provide document comparison as an integrated part of B. Braun’s document approval process. Open Text ECM had been chosen as the new companywide DMS, and the comparison service needed to be moved from an in-house system to an off-the-shelf integrated so


Compare Server


Seamless integration to Open Text ECM Conforms to PDF standards (compares PDF to PDF and PDF to Word), meaning better document security and print standards Better accuracy in comparisons, reducing the number of incorrectly submitted SOPs Server-bas


B. Braun is one of the world’s leading healthcare suppliers. B. Braun has over 38,000 employees worldwide in four divisions.

User Profile

As a large organization that has four divisions, B. Braun is a complex organization and adopts a highly structured document production lifecycle. 

The Challenge

B. Braun Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and other professional documents go through a strict approval process. 500 employees are classed as approvers and process some 1000+ documents per week. Document Comparison is used to compare a submitted document with previous versions. Until now this was done through an in-house solution that integrated with the DMS (Documentum) and with Microsoft Word. A significant problem with this solution was that B. Braun converts Word documents to an encrypted, print-ready PDF when submitted for approval. The in-house system was unable to compare PDFs, so the comparison process was cumbersome and the accuracy often fell short. Changes were missed and approvers were potentially letting documents pass through that should have otherwise been rejected.

The Workshare Solution

B. Braun had just moved to Open Text ECM Suite and wanted an “off-the-shelf” comparison solution to integrate with the Document Management module. An initial evaluation of Workshare and Docscorp was conducted by Mark Duryea, Senior Systems Analyst for Quality and Regulations Systems. “Workshare’s integration is so seamless that it appears as if the comparison service is part of the Open Text ECM itself.” A more in-depth evaluation was then carried out using SOPs.

Mark continued, “We could see instantly that the Workshare Compare engine was far superior to the system we used before. The quality of the integration made it a very easy decision to go with Workshare.”

Workshare Compare Server includes the ability to compare Word-to-Word, Word-to-PDF or PDF-to-PDF, all from within the Document Management browser. The comparison is run via a Workshare button in the approval screen and works off a remote cached server. You can request the approval document to be compared to the previous version in the DMS, or you can compare against any document on your local machine or network.

The Benefits

By integrating Workshare Compare Server into Open Text ECM, B. Braun has removed the need to administer an in-house tool and has enhanced the comparison service, making it easier to use and more accurate for users.

“Comparison is a vital tool for us. Workshare not only gives us the best comparison engine available, but the excellent integration with Open Text ECM makes for a really great user experience,” Steffen Epple, Head of Product Lifecycle Management.