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Bakinvest implements Workshare Professional

Business Profile


Financial Services


Optimization and simplification of processes involved in the shared editing of documents, together with an increase in document security and compliance


Workshare Professional


Workshare Professional is used by several different departments within the company. Those who have access include Controlling, Venture Investment, Product Development, Operations, and Legal.


BankInvest is a leading asset manager and provider of investment funds in the Nordic region with a total asset under management and administration of more than DKK 138 billion.

User Profile

BankInvest manages assets for approx. 210,000 investors and a number of institutional investors in Denmark and internationally. BankInvest, founded in 1969, is owned by 38 local and regional Danish Banks.

The Challenge

The Controlling Department within BankInvest is often involved with complex agreements and contracts requiring multiple comments and feedback. At any one time, there would be any number of different versions of a single document in circulation. Consolidation of these versions was a labour-intensive, manual process that was both time-consuming and fallible.

There were many examples where it was very difficult to track the changes made to highly sensitive documents and to ensure both security and compliance, as these documents were distributed throughout departments and outside the company. The risk of hidden metadata added another frustrating element, and the process was heavily reliant on the accuracy and diligence of the personnel involved.

The Workshare Solution

The implementation of Workshare Professional has considerably simplified these processes. Contributors are able to concentrate on the quality of their input and not dilute their focus by worrying about version numbers, track changes, or the risk of sharing hidden data.

Workshare Professional offers a “one-click” PDF file creation, integrated within Microsoft Office, an important element to BankInvest, whose work involves the creation of many PDF documents. Workshare Professional has enabled BankInvest to provide higher levels of security to their sensitive documents.

They are able to control access and printing rights and prevent documents from being sent to inappropriate destinations. They are protected from sending potentially harmful metadata, and overall the manual processes previously employed in the document management cycle have been vastly reduced.

Workshare Professional enables business-critical documents to be checked quickly and accurately, and different document versions to be easily shared across email servers, portals, and document repositories. Workshare Professional secures the flow of documents, eliminates information risks and, furthermore, offers policy-based PDF conversion on demand and metadata management.