Case Studies

Carsted Rosenberg Advokatfirma

Business Profile

The Challenge

Enabling a small team to carry out large transactional work, typically undertaken by bigger teams in global firms, while managing documents, clients and constant travel.

The Solution

Workshare 9, with Deal Checklists.

The Benefit

Workshare has evened out the playing field for Carsted Rosenberg, so they are able to save on staff overhead, become more productive and stay organized during large transactions.

Successfully running a law firm in one location is demanding enough, but with offices in three major cities across Europe, Carsted Rosenberg Advokatfirma (CRA) have turned to smart technology to streamline transactions and stay at the top of their game.

Specializing in banking and finance law, Michael Rosenberg, Principal at CRA, sought to find a solution to manage the flow of documents during transactions, but found the cost of setting up a traditional data room solution expensive. Michael was referred to Workshare by a previous colleague, and he hasn’t looked back. 

“It’s so easy to lose track and make mistakes when dealing with various documents and different versions,” Michael explained. “Having a transaction workspace on Workshare gives me a wonderful feeling of being organized and in control, while helping manage the flow of the transaction. And, I can access the systems easily all from my laptop at any of our offices.”

When the deal has been finalized, CRA maintain their transaction workspaces within Workshare as a record and repository to refer back to. “This is especially important for compliance purposes 5 years down the line,” Michael added.

Michael has found that using Workshare Deal Checklists, along with other SaaS tools, has helped him keep staff numbers down and be more competitive. “By utilizing innovative systems, we save time and cut costs, which means we are able to stay a streamlined team and compete with the bigger firms who have larger overheads.”

CRA are currently running all their transactions through Workshare to make the most of a simple, checklist-based transactional workspace with powerful, additional features, such as checking status at a glance and creating closing binders or bibles within hours instead of weeks. “This is the first solution that specifically supports the processes and demands of a transactional lawyer,” says Michael. “Workshare supports every step of the process - and I will never not use it to run a transaction.”

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