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Optimization and simplification of processes involved in the shared editing of documents, together with an increase in document security and compliance


Workshare Professional


Secure, effective document processing Metadata management Efficient version control High level of user-friendliness Supports the Compliance Initiative Improved productivity


Commerzbank, mainly active in commercial banking, retail banking, and mortgages, was founded in 1870 and today employs over 50,000 workers worldwide.

User Profile

With head offices in London and Frankfurt as well as an international branch network including financial centers in New York and Tokyo, Commerzbank offers European and international clients a diverse choice of investment banking products and services in the areas’ Capital Markets and Corporate Finance & Origination.

The Challenge

At every stage of the document lifecycle – assembly, review, verification and storage – content needs to be managed, controlled and secured.

“The risks arising from proposed amendments in document-intensive contractual negotiations, and the associated costs, could only be avoided, however, by means of extremely time-consuming and laborious manual checking”, says Hans-Henning Rathjen, Head of Execution Group at Commerzbank, describing the situation before the introduction of Workshare Professional.

Particularly in the Documentation and Legal Services departments at Commerzbank, a large number of documents are subject to strict guidelines, multiple review procedures, updating processes and alterations. Complex agreements and contracts often require input and feedback from other departments. Once different versions of a document are in circulation, a work-intensive and error-prone process begins. As a rule, printouts of documents are compared, leading to a confusing variety of versions and some contributions and comments not being taken into account in the final version. Documentation deficiencies and a loss of productivity are the consequences. Added to this is the high-risk potential of metadata which is contained within all Office documents: the original authoring of the document right through to deleted text passages can generate confidential information, even if it cannot be seen in the document.

The Workshare Solution

The application of Workshare Professional has greatly simplified document handling processes and working procedures, and made them decisively more effective. Users can apply their full concentration to the content, without having to think about version numbers, amendments or the risks of hidden data. Workshare Professional helps the investment bank to better protect sensitive documents and to distribute them more productively. This solution allows predetermined internal and external guidelines, in the sense of a corporation-wide compliance, to be implemented automatically. Workshare Professional enables the comparison of an indefinite number of different review versions and brings them together in the form of a final document, in addition to maintaining a complete audit trail in which all changes are recorded.

Without interfering in the daily work routine, Workshare Professional makes the user aware of the presence of metadata in a document, which could violate regulations relating to data protection, property rights and accounting legislation. In this event, the software automatically suggests that the user clean up or block the document. The Workshare solution is completely integrated into the Microsoft Office environment. For example, Workshare Professional converts documents to PDF format, on the basis of a set of rules, on demand and directly from within the Microsoft Office, email and portal environment.

“Workshare supports the automatic implementation of set guidelines in the case of Office documents. This optimizes corporation-wide compliance with regard to outbound documents and makes document-intensive tasks considerably easier for the user”, explains Gunnar Graf, a member of the Execution Group at Commerzbank.

The Benefits

Workshare Professional enables business-critical documents to be checked quickly and accurately, and different document versions to be easily shared across email servers, portals and document repositories. Workshare Professional secures the flow of documents, eliminates information risks and, furthermore, offers policy-based PDF conversion on demand and metadata management. Workshare Professional is the only solution that offers secure, accurate and policy-based document creation and sharing throughout the entire lifecycle of a document.