Case Studies

Flushing Bank

Business Profile


Financial Services


A community bank needed to expedite internal Microsoft SharePoint adoption to ensure employee compliance with GLBA regulations.


Workshare Point


User-friendly interface promotes Microsoft SharePoint adoption Consistent Microsoft SharePoint use among employees: Secures customer information Helps ensure GLBA compliance Virtually no user training required Simple to install and administer


Founded more than 80 years ago, Flushing Bank is a small community bank whose 17 branch locations serve the New York metropolitan area. The bank’s 400 employees oversee $4.5 billion in assets, and of course must comply with the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLBA), which requires financial institutions to safeguard nonpublic information about their customers.

User Profile

Flushing required a solution for 400 employees overseeing $4.5 billion in assets.

The Challenge

Because they were a Microsoft shop, Flushing Bank implemented SharePoint to store documents and control who had access to them. But to ensure regulatory compliance they first had to make sure that their users accepted SharePoint. The learning curve couldn’t be too steep.

Anticipating that the complexity of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 might prevent users from readily adopting it, Allen Brewer, Chief Information Officer, and Tom Cunnane, SharePoint Project Manager for Flushing Bank, began searching for a solution that would improve the user experience.

“Our users spend most of their time in Outlook,” said Brewer. “We wanted to find a solution that would integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook and allow users to store and access documents directly from their email.”

The Workshare Solution

Brewer and Cunnane’s search led them to Workshare Point and another product.

They found that Workshare Point was much more user-friendly than the other product they considered, mentioning that the learning curve was not at all difficult. Furthermore, the product was easy to configure for the various skill levels throughout their organization. It let them decide what kind of Microsoft Office integration they wanted.

Brewer and Cunnane were also pleased with Workshare’s ability to support the organization when issues arose. “Workshare’s engineering team was very responsive to us,” said Brewer. “We had a problem saving PowerPoint
presentations because of the SharePoint file size limit, and Workshare quickly gave us a script that fixed the problem.”

Flushing Bank is now so confident in the new Workshare Point solution that they plan to roll it out to the entire IT group and senior management in phase one. After that, they will introduce it department by department until all users are online.

Brewer and Cunnane are equally confident that Workshare Point will help Flushing Bank ensure GLBA compliance throughout its organization, meaning faster, better regulatory compliance on the part of bank employees.

The Benefits

Workshare has provided the Flushing Bank with an efficient way to comply with financial regulations while also encouraging users to accept and adopt Microsoft SharePoint. A user-friendly application with a shallow learning curve let users decide what kind of Microsoft Office integration they wanted.