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Glider Yachts

Business Profile

The Challenge

Managing the security of sensitive and large files while enabling people to view and work on them across multiple devices and location.

The Solution

Workshare 9, sharing edition with the desktop sync app.

The Benefits

A secure space where staff can access files remotely and share them with clients.

Glider Yachts Ltd secure document collaboration with Workshare

Glider Yachts Ltd use Workshare as a secure place to collaborate on documents. Learn how this has helped them revolutionize super yacht design - fast.

When Robert McCall turned his back on his high flying corporate career to retire in the Caribbean at the age of 34 as a superyacht captain, he didn’t expect to be concerned with the security of sensitive documents ever again.

Yet within four years of leaving his role in global technical project management he was back. This time looking to protect documentation around the design and development of a new type of craft set to revolutionize the sailing experience.

The idea came to Robert during his time working in what appeared to be the dream job captaining different super yachts. After experiencing first-hand, the debilitating effects of sea sickness, he thought, “There has to be a better way. Why hasn’t anyone designed a boat that provides the super yacht luxury experience, without the possibility of sea sickness. And, from that, Glider Yachts was born.”

The Challenge: Handling sensitive documents and global stakeholders

As Robert started to pull together a team and turn his vision into a reality he quickly realized managing various freelancers, designers, a workshop and an office meant having large and sensitive documents being sent around on emails and USB sticks. With the cheapest boat starting at £1million, Glider yachts needed a secure, central location to store and work on these highly confidential documents. As Robert worked with people around the globe, the ability to access the documents from any location on any device was also essential. 

The solution: Cloud-based file sharing and desktop sync app

After trailing various consumer cloud systems, Robert began to look for a similar enterprise grade system with a higher level of security, which he could brand with the company’s corporate image. Rolling out Workshare 9 sharing edition across the whole team in 2013 enabled Robert to create one central place for a multitude of documents to be securely stored and worked on. And, when required, he could create designated client spaces to share plans and documents externally with potential buyers.

The result:  Confident clients, secure IP and improved productivity     

“Just as we [Gilder Yachts] are transforming the sailing experience, Workshare has transformed the way we store and work on files. Enabling us to share across multiple locations, on a range of devices, while at the same time providing the level of security we need to protect these documents and work with our clients.” 

Since their first boat was launched at the London-On-Water show in mid-2016, Robert and the team at Glider Yachts have continued developing and expanding their exciting Glider range.   

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