Case Studies

Graubard Miller

Business Profile




A New York law firm needed a reliable document comparison tool that was easy for its attorneys to adopt and use on a daily basis.


Workshare Professional


Consistently reliable results Intuitive design helps users work effectively Easy adoption and training Integration with existing systems


Based in New York’s Chrysler Building, law firm Graubard Miller has been in business since 1948. With areas of concentration including IPOs and real estate, the firm emphasizes cost-efficiency and works with businesses of all sizes.

User Profile

Graubard Miller currently has 55 users running Workshare Professional on Windows XP. The company plans an upgrade to Windows 7 later this year and plans to begin using Workshare Professional’s support for PDF documents with that transition.

The Challenge

In any legal negotiation, documents can become long and complex. As parties negotiate, documents can go through many rounds of changes and corrections, and it’s essential that everyone working on a project be able to compare documents effectively. Partners and associates at Graubard Miller handle their own documents and archiving, so they require a powerful and easy-to-use solution for comparing documents.

Using Microsoft Word’s built-in document comparison tools was not an option. “Word’s built-in document comparison feature is unreliable and the results are not pretty,” Steven Heller, IT Director at Graubard Miller said.

Graubard Miller had been using a competing product from Litera Corp., which worked well, but the results of document comparisons weren’t always consistent. “[Litera] would do a comparison, and it would not be right the first time, so you’d have to run it again,” Heller said. “It might work the second time, but when you’re under a lot of pressure, you want to know it’s reliable the first time.”

The Workshare Solution

Their search led them to Workshare Professional. Many of Graubard Miller’s employees were familiar with Workshare’s previous product, DeltaView, so training on Workshare Professional went very smoothly. “It’s like being re-acquainted with an old friend,” Heller said. Employees learned the new software quickly. “It’s very intuitive,” Heller said, adding that most training took less than 30 minutes. Even for users new to the software, the learning curve was easy. “Attorneys always say they don’t have time to learn anything, but then they don’t have time to fix it when it doesn’t work either. It’s an easy product for people to learn.”

Another essential feature was Workshare Professional’s ability to integrate with iManage, a document management system from Autonomy (formerly Interwoven). Within iManage, users can simply right-click on a document to run instant comparisons using Workshare Professional, saving time and giving them a seamless experience. 

The Benefits

For Heller and Graubard Miller, using a reliable product makes it easy to keep the company’s attorneys working efficiently—an important point for a company that emphasizes its cost-efficiency to clients on its website. Workshare Professional helps them achieve that goal. “Workshare does it better,” Heller says. “It does what it’s supposed to do, reliably. It’s what the users want.”