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Houthoff Buruma

Business Profile




To provide a strategic solution enabling teams in offices across the UK and Europe to collaborate on major client documents and compare changes, increasing staff productivity and efficiency while ensuring the removal of sensitive, internal “hidden” data


Workshare Professional


More efficient comparison Quick PDF creation Sensitive metadata removal Document management systems integration


Houthoff Buruma is a leading, independent, full-service law firm in the Netherlands with 700 staff, including over 350 Dutch law specialists. The firm acts for a wide variety of clients both in the private and the public sector. They include listed and non-listed companies, banks and investors, public utilities, healthcare and government authorities. Houthoff Buruma provides its clients with high-level, full-service legal advice and represents them in litigation, all in a pragmatic manner that focuses on clients’ goals. One of its key strengths is its ability to offer extensive and in-depth knowledge of the Dutch market combined with top class Dutch law expertise owing to its capacity and the firm’s commitment to actively keeping pace with market developments. The firm has offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Brussels and London, and is represented in Luxembourg.

User Profile

Approximately 700 Houthoff Buruma employees, of whom 350 are lawyers. The firm has offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Brussels and London, and is represented in Luxembourg.

The Challenge

Within Houthoff Buruma, many documents circulate. The firm also exchanges a large amount of information with third parties such as clients and other firms. Usually communication concerns a recommendation or contract in connection with takeovers or share transactions. It is important that the case can be handled quickly because delays can have major financial consequences. However, checking the changes of a document in Microsoft Word after it had been to a client was very time-consuming. Therefore, Houthoff Buruma decided to look for an easier way to compare different document versions.

The Workshare Solution

Houthoff Buruma originally chose Workshare DeltaView and the firm now uses Workshare Professional.

Workshare streamlines the document review process. At a glance it is clear which document version is at hand and which changes have been made. It takes less time for a document to reach the status of final version, so takeovers or transactions are no longer delayed. Moreover, Workshare protects organizations from involuntarily sending out sensitive information when emailing documents to third parties. Sensitive metadata within Microsoft Office documents is automatically removed before they are emailed. In short, Workshare makes efficiency, accuracy and compliance possible.

Houthoff Buruma also started using a document management system, which was integrated with Workshare to ensure that all documents exchanged and adjusted with Workshare are also automatically saved at the right place within the organization. 

The Benefits

Workshare Professional enables business critical documents to be checked quickly and accurately, and different document versions to be easily shared across email servers, portals and document repositories. Workshare Professional secures the flow of documents, eliminates information risks and, furthermore, offers policy-based PDF conversion on demand and metadata management. Workshare Professional is the only solution that offers secure, accurate and policy-based document creation and sharing throughout the entire lifecycle of a document.