Case Studies

Shadbolt Law

Business Profile




Long periods of time spent on document creation meant a negative impact on client satisfaction


Workshare Professional


Dramatically reduced time Improved customer service


Shadbolt & Co is an international commercial law firm with an outstanding reputation for providing a high-quality service to business clients. Founded in 1991, it quickly established itself as a market leader in the fields of construction and engineering law. Today it has built upon this highly respected core practice to offer a wide range of expertise in corporate, commercial property, projects/PFI, commercial litigation, IT and E-Commerce and employment. Shadbolt & Co has offices in Reigate, London, Paris and Athens and an associated office in Dares Salaam.

User Profile

Workshare software will be used by every Shadbolt employee, saving users hours on the time taken to create legal documents and increasing overall productivity. Workshare will be used by senior partners, partners, lawyers and assistants across multiple departments.

The Challenge

Shadbolt & Co, like most law firms, places client service at the forefront of its priorities. Shadbolt & Co will use Workshare software to optimise its legal document creation and management.

Jason Melotte, head of information technology at Shadbolt & Co comments, “Everything we do revolves around satisfying our clients. If a lawyer has to spend all night re-typing a corrupt document, it is the client that could ultimately lose out, and we can never allow that to happen. Workshare solutions are absolutely perfect for everyday use on documents of any size, shape or form. And it won’t just be Shadbolt & Co that benefits – the rewards gained from the huge amounts of time saved are naturally passed on to our clients.”

The Workshare Solution

Workshare Professional is designed for companies who produce business-critical documents. It is crucial for leading law firms like Shadbolt & Co. to ensure that the quality of their documents is as high as possible as well as being able to deliver them to clients on time.

Workshare provides the world’s leading comparison technology, so Word and PDF documents can be quickly and efficiently compared, saving workers from time-wasting and tedious manual comparison.

The added functionality of Workshare’s ability to ‘cleanse’ documents of sensitive hidden metadata also means that files shared both inside and outside the organization remain secure and comply with security regulations, vital for companies like Shadbolt & Co. 

The Benefits

By using Workshare, Shadbolt & Co will be able to improve client service through the use of an innovative solution that will allow them to be more productive when working on legal documents.