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Sphere Public Relations

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To share and collaborate on documents in a simple way.


Workshare Team and Workshare Desktop


All team members work on the most recent version of the document. Avoids errors like issuing the wrong press release or duplication.


Sphere PR provides strategic communications consultancy to companies in the technology, digital, and marketing sectors in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. Based in Sydney, Australia, and with operations in Melbourne and the UK, Sphere PR has been established since 2005.

Sphere PR maximizes the “Sphere of Influence” of all types of organizations from small- and medium- sized operations to global corporations, by not just focusing on media relations, but also using speaking opportunities, industry networking, social media, awards, events ,and analyst relations to raise its profile with key influencers.

User Profile

Sphere PR is a boutique communications agency providing quality public relations services to the technology, digital, and marketing sectors in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. Most of its team members work remotely from different locations around Australia and the UK.

The Challenge

Sphere PR required a simple way to share and collaborate on documents with its team of PR professionals, who mostly work remotely. Sphere PR had previously used email and consumer-grade file sharing tools for sharing client information, such as media releases, media lists, and media event RSVP documents, with its team and clients; however, these methods raised concerns about security and version control.

Sphere PR often receives feedback on a draft client press release, report, or case study from several different people at once. Being able to compare all changes in PDF or Word format has saved time in performing that laborious task manually.

The Workshare Solution

Sphere PR deployed Workshare Team and Workshare Desktop. With Workshare, documents are shared securely in an online workspace that is structured to enable easy access and distribution. Staff can now preview, comment on, and share proposals with other team members and external organizations using any device, including smartphones and tablets.

Workshare's document-centric nature ensures that all team members sharing a document are accessing a single version of that file. This means that all individuals are working on the most recent document at all times, eliminating those problems inherent with email collaboration, such as duplicated work efforts as well as clashing feedback and versioning issues. Workshare also makes version rollback available at any time so it is easy to revert to previous changes.

Workshare supports over 700 document types, retaining their original formats so that users can download and edit them later in their original applications, and Workshare renders many of these formats – including popular document types like those from the Adobe and Microsoft Office Suites – into an online version that can be viewed and commented on using any device.

Furthermore, with Workshare, access rights can be tailored on a file level to prevent loss of control of confidential information, and extra-large-file support reduces unnecessary reliance on FTP and unauditable file sharing applications.

The Benefits

Sphere PR has benefited greatly from efficient collaboration amongst its remote team, which it uses for fast and easy document sharing and comparison in multiple document formats. In addition, frustrating and unprofessional use of old versions of media call round lists or media releases has been eliminated with everyone working on the latest version of a document.