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Tullow Oil

Business Profile


Oil and Gas


Tullow Oil needed to provide faster and more effective comparison services to staff across its major locations within the company’s existing DMS platform.


Workshare Compare


Faster and more efficient comparison and review tools Ensure compliance Ensure multi-party collaboration and parallel review Proven accuracy and verification Simple integration into existing DMS


Tullow is one of Europe’s largest independent exploration and production companies with operations in Europe, Africa, South Asia and South America. The company is headquartered in London and employs over 600 people worldwide. 

User Profile

The Group has 120 exploration licenses in 24 countries, with operations in Africa, Europe, South Asia and South America. While the group clearly operates at a global level, the company’s vision is for ‘One Tullow’. It aims to bring together disparate locations and homogenize its IT systems, which may be different across the world, and to help employees to collaborate effectively.

The Challenge

The Group’s principal goal is to build an organization with a spirit that reflects its “one Tullow” philosophy across all locations and operations. This ethos needed to be echoed in the organization’s software and IT systems, so that employees could communicate and work together “as one.” Tullow Oil realized that in order to provide staff with the tools to be more efficient it needed to standardize its document and information management process across its four major centres in Cape Town, Dublin, Islamabad and London. At the same time, it needed to find a way of managing and sharing documents that would allow users to easily work together and compare documents without hindering business processes. In addition, some departments needed the ability to easily compare and contrast complex documents such as contracts and license agreements.

The Workshare Solution

Tullow Oil decided to implement a document management suite to serve as a common file system that all employees could access. It opted for OpenText’s Livelink, a feature-rich, highly scalable, web-based document management system (DMS) that provided Tullow Oil with a secure information repository. This system will allow users to easily share electronic documents within defined groups and locations, while in the future it is planned to link the locations together so documents can be shared easily across multiple locations in the system.

Tullow Oil then decided to deploy Workshare Compare for its legal department to collaborate and compare documents instantly within the familiar and well-adopted Livelink environment. Using standard web services, the Workshare solution easily integrated with the Livelink DMS and enables easy document comparison, multi-party review and content change tracking within the enterprise. With this application legal employees are able to create, edit and review documents even more quickly and easily within the Livelink environment than before. For instance, Tullow Oil’s in-house legal and procurement departments often need to send out complex documents in a variety of file formats for other parties to review. Workshare’s redlining software allows edits in multiple documents to be accurately displayed and ensures users can handle long, complex documents with greater accuracy and speed.
The total solution was phased in. The IT team conducted the initial installation in London and visited various business units, rolling out one at a time, making sure the data belonging to each department could be transferred to the DMS.

The organization opted for the Workshare solution based on feedback from employees within the group’s legal department. Alan Lee stated, “The Head of our legal department had used Workshare DeltaView previously for document comparison. Employees with experience of Workshare knew how the application worked, and they knew this was the software we needed to really be able to work better together”.

Consequently, the ability to easily integrate Workshare into the Livelink environment made it all the more compelling for Tullow Oil to integrate the benefits of Compare with its DMS platform.

Tullow Oil now has a dedicated team to look after these IT solutions and marry business requirements with the appropriate software. They also created a role for one employee to manage and maintain the DMS and Workshare Compare.

The Benefits

The primary advantage is the ability to easily integrate the benefits of Compare within the Livelink environment. This meant Tullow Oil’s staff could continue to use the DMS platform that staff were familiar with but complement it with the added benefits of faster comparison and review that the Workshare solution offered. If the team needs to modify a lengthy legal contract before sending externally to a third party, this can now be done extremely quickly using Workshare’s redlining and reviewing capabilities. This ensures high client satisfaction, as documents and work can be turned around at greater speed. Finally, the technology helps Tullow Oil to create a comprehensive audit trail and comply not just with internal security policies but also industry regulation, ensuring documents can be sent out quickly without fear of breaching legislation.

Alan Lee, IT Manager added, “Through our legal team we recognized the importance of efficient document comparison and collaboration. We wanted to deploy an organization-wide, easy-to-use solution that extended the functionality of our document management system. Workshare Compare easily integrates with our Livelink system, ensures compliance, and streamlines our document review processes, making it the obvious choice.”