Our powerful yet intuitive APIs make it simple to integrate Workshare’s advanced comparison and collaboration features into your back-office system, website, or products. Your organization will gain much higher returns on its investments by adding Workshare’s features to support employees’ growing needs for comparison, file sharing, synchronization and collaboration.

Workshare’s developer tools enable you to:

  • Design flexible feature extensions that look like your own.
  • Add new functionality for free as Workshare evolves rapidly, making comparison and collaboration more powerful.

Workshare comparison API

Integrate into a range of client applications and server-based solutions.

To get the Workshare comparison API, please send an email to

Read the Developer Guide for the Workshare comparison API. To find all the documentation for the API, search for ‘Workshare Compare Server’ in the Workshare knowledge base..

Workshare online API

Empower users to share and collaborate outside the firewall using a secure cloud platform.

To start using the Workshare online API, simply register your app. We will then send you the registration key. The registration key is a client-specific token that will identify your app’s calls to our platform

You’ll find all the relevant documentation you need by the clicking the button below:

If you have any suggestions or queries while developing your app, please send an email to