Video - Clifford Chance, innovating to drive customer success

Global law firm, Clifford Chance, has prioritized rollout of Workshare Transact. It's part of their approach to innovation and best practice focused on customer success.

The online deal checklist solution is changing the way transactional teams in Clifford Chance run deal closings for clients.

They believe this innovation will benefit the wider legal community, that needs to continue moving forward. Clifford Chance is at the vanguard.


Dana: There is this burning platform to change the way the legal industry delivers its services. What we're trying to do at Clifford Chance is find the best way to respond to that.

Bas Boris: One of the key elements of our best delivery strategy is to find the right resources for the right work. So, what are the key issues that we want to resolve and then what technology works best for that solution.

Dana: Workshare Transact has been prioritized as one of the tools that we really want to focus on rolling out in Clifford Chance and gaining wide adoption for.

Mark Jan: The future of a law firm like ours is to be innovative and to embrace innovative solutions for our lawyers and our clients. And I think this is a crucial moment that we really need to embrace this.

Dana: When I started in the legal industry people weren't that comfortable using Word processing all the time and that was really a game changer for the legal industry. There will be game changing software out there that will do something similar for the legal industry that Word processing did 25 years ago.

Bram: I'm very lucky to work for a firm like Clifford Chance. I think everyone is a lot more aware of the possibilities that technology has to offer. They ask the questions: Why are we doing this in this way? By answering those questions, by implementing tools such as Workshare allows you to focus on the more attractive parts of the job, instead of the administrative part of the job.

Bas Boris: So, we really see this kind of transaction management tools, where you work with an online platform, as a huge step up. It's not just Clifford Chance, or it’s not just our client who needs to benefit from this efficiency gain, it’s the wider community. We are convinced that if you want to make progress in the legal sector and if you want to introduce technology successfully, you'll need to do it together.

Mark Jan: I think this is a crucial moment in the transformation of the legal markets. So, if you would ask me what's the drive for using those tools. Just to make sure that we stay ahead, we don't wake up somewhere in the future and conclude that we missed the boat somewhere.

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