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Our customer research programs mean Workshare continues to innovate around speed and performance.

If you work on high stakes documents we’re working on a solution for you!

Check out what's being delivered in our next release for document comparison and metadata cleaning.


So in order to design a really great user experience for our users we couldn't really be able to actually empathise with them and understand how they use our software and how it fits within their workflow. Part of the design process of Workshare is to be able to actually do research and understand that and get a really good idea as to where we can make improvements.

There are a couple of really important themes that have come out from that research. The most important thing to them is accuracy. They really really really care about the output of our product so the actual comparison that we generate.

One of our key objectives is making PDF comparison even better. We're working on a couple of different approaches to doing this. The first is improving PDF redlines. The second is build in a native PDF comparison solution which is going to make and reviewing changes even easier.

One of the things that can make comparing documents difficult is when complicated changes happen to tables perhaps a row or a column in the table has been merged into another row and where it spots it, it fixes the comparison so that should make your comparison much more readable because it's focussing on the changes that matter to you.

So the most valuable asset that our customers have is their time. We've put a lot of work again into really getting the performance of our application to be as fast as possible.

So one of the things we've done we've done with Workshare 9.5 is to go back and revisit how long it takes to do certain operations and just to find places where it takes a couple of seconds longer than it should. For common use cases like sending an email or comparing a pair of documents.

And removing all of the unnecessary stages through the code or the steps that we take to do any given process whether that's comparing documents or cleaning documents of metadata perhaps we are given users more time back in their day to do the things that they care about.

And we're really proud of the results we've achieved so far, so we've pretty much doubled the speed of any previous version of Workshare.