Video - File comparison integrated in Cognitiv+

Cognitiv+ provides legal and regulatory analytics to corporates, consultancies and legal firms. They enable businesses to understand and act on their compliance obligations using artificial intelligence.

Cognitiv+ has now integrated Workshare Compare in their platform. Workshare's powerful comparison engine gives Cognitiv+ users automatic ways to see what's changed between different and new versions of files on their platform.

Now, clauses are automatically extracted and displayed clearly, notifying users of any changes.

Workshare Compare has been embedded in the Cognitiv+ review accelerator. This analyses changes to non-disclosure agreements quickly and effectively.

When users first upload a new contract, Cognitiv+ scans the document for clauses and compares them against previous versions from documents of the same type that have been uploaded.

When reviewing a document, users save time by quickly navigating to different clauses easily and they can view changes of any kind.

Cognitiv+ also runs a comparison against previously approved documents. It displays the most similar five, so users can compare against multiple documents of a similar kind.

Once any alterations have been assessed, a Word document showing the full redline or change report can be downloaded. It's also possible to zero in on changes to just one or two specific paragraphs if that’s what is needed.

Powered by Workshare Compare, changes to files and clauses can now automatically be reviewed in Cognitiv+.