Video - At Workshare, our people are our brand

What will our clients remember about their experience of Workshare?

Not our logo, but our culture and the way they felt when they spoke with us.

That's why our people are our brand.


Barrie Hadfield, Chief Technology Officer: A lot of people think of your brand as being your logo, your image or what's on the Web site. And I think it's slightly different.

I think brand is much more intertwined with culture, because your brand is what people perceive of you; it’s what they experience when they deal with you. And that comes down to the people we have; and the decisions they make; and the interactions they have; and how they work with each other. So, I think brand and culture are very intertwined.

Our culture is what sets us apart as being a different type of company and dictates how we are and what we do.

Peter White, Chief Finance Officer: Any business, at the end of the day, is only as good as the people who are in it. And software businesses in particularly are very people intensive. As I've said before, a major cost in this business is all people. It's really, really important that people feel valued, that they're contributing and therefore feel motivated to do an even better job.

Nick Thomson, Chief Revenue Officer: Our people represent what we do, our ability to work together and to find answers for customers and solve big problems for customers. That comes back to team, people are at the heart of every interaction with customers and we've got to be able to provide that level of customer experience. To me, it's above all else, the number one most important thing.

Eleanor O’Neill, Chief Customer Experience Officer: While our customers may not remember every conversation they ever had with us or every document we ever processed for them, they do remember how they felt. They do remember the experience. They do remember what that was like and that's what they take away.

What we do every day when we come to the office working together, either here in London or globally around the world, that’s what we created together as a team; as an organization. I believe that at Workshare we are incredibly fortunate that we are surrounded by very talented people. And I think without them it wouldn't be possible to be as ambitious or as successful as we are. And that, I'm extraordinarily grateful for.