Video - Workshare 9.5 | Delivering the best experience for clients

With Workshare 9.5 comes faster metadata cleaning and more accurate file comparison for our clients. There's been a high volume of installs so far, and the feedback is great. Workshare 9.5 is ready to install when you are.


Phil Card, Head of Professional Services: My team and I want to make sure our clients have the best experience possible. So, we make sure they're on the right solutions for their business.

The launch of Workshare 9.5 means much faster metadata cleaning and more accurate comparisons. And we've been working with our customer base to make sure they download and install this version.

Matt Roberts, Product Manager: Since we released Workshare 9.5 in June, we've had over 25,000 recorded installs, which is a phenomenal take up of a new release and probably our fastest ever. Our managed customers typically take a longer time to deploy. We have to fit in with their deployments, but we've already had around 10% update to 9.5.

As much as we like to get lots of people installing our software, the best thing about 9.5 has been the feedback we’ve received. People are loving it, particularly faster Workshare Protect.

Phil Card, Head of Professional Services: Our larger clients have a longer migration path. This is due to their own roadmap and deployment schedules. But, the good news is, many of them have already downloaded this version. The feedback is that performance is better and the customers are happy.