Video - Workshare Compare directly from within NetDocuments

Workshare Compare is now fully integrated into the NetDocuments content services cloud platform. This is our first cloud-to-cloud integration and it's really exciting for our clients and users with a cloud-based strategy.

Fast, accurate Workshare Compare features are embedded right inside the NetDocuments user experience. And it's still the best way to compare any 2 documents.

NetDocuments users simply select 2 files (or 2 versions of the same document) and run the comparison to see what's new or different.

All the comparison functionality Workshare has to offer is right there, without having to leave the NetDocuments platform. This saves time and make reviews easier.

Category views can be used to quickly filter changes and focus on the content that's most important or relevant to individuals.

Users can also share the redline report by saving the comparison as a Word document or PDF.

Contact Workshare to find out how you can embed Workshare Compare into NetDocuments.