Video - Workshare Compare | The developer advantage

Workshare comparison functionality can now be embedded within other applications. This means that the competitive advantage of a leading file comparison solution can be simply and easily embedded by a software provider into their solution.

Hear from our product management team on how this can be executed and the advantages for firms and their development teams.


Here at workshare for the past 20 years or so, we've really mastered our craft of understanding how content changes, whether that be in Word, PowerPoint or PDF files.

We've done this in a market that is very very sensitive to change - in legal and corporate legal - with law firms working on contracts. What that has allowed us to do is to hone our craft, understanding how to content has change in highly regulated industries, such as finance, pharmaceuticals and so on.

Now, the beauty of doing this is the ability to embed comparison into the ecosystem of people’s choosing, not as a separate application. We would like to bring that to you today.

And it's really easy to do. Compare servers is a C++ and Dot Net Applications, which can be integrated into any ecosystem or application of your choosing. It comes with an at REST API layer and full Swagger documentation, so you can throw two documents at it and get a result to test it out.

It can be hosted on-premise, in the cloud or wherever you want it.

If you want to see how comparison can add value within your application, give us a call today.