Video - Workshare’s partnership with Tikit P4W

Share and sync files securely between Tikit P4W and Workshare for case management.

Hear from Adrian Jones, Tikit Product Development Manager and find out how case management is being made more efficient for fee earners in a digital age.


Adrian Jones: There's no doubt that we now live in a digital age.

It’s no longer acceptable to put something in the post, and then wait for a few days for them to then review that and then send it back to the fee earner, it's just too slow. It just doesn't happen like that.

The integration with Workshare solves that problem.

What it allows you to do, as a fee earner is, you can be sitting at your desk, you've drafted a contract, let's say, and then you can take that contract via a simple right click option. The other party gets notified that they've now got a document that is available to them. They can then review that document, maybe make changes to it, or simply just comment on it. And then when they’ve finish, it then gets uploaded back into Workshare. The fee earner will get notification that document is available and via a simple right click within the partner case management system they can get the latest version and then it's available to them.