Video - Workshare Transact for banking teams

Legal teams within banks can benefit from using Workshare Transact on their transactions when closing deals.

Managing document and CP checklists is more efficient and secure in Workshare Transact - away from email.

Hear more from product co-creator and all-time evangelist, Owen Oliver.


Having worked with law firms for the past couple of years on these sorts of banking processes and CP checklists, many banks are now realizing that the benefits of transaction management can be brought in-house and brought into their own internal transactions.

Transact enables you to create a bespoke checklist for your transaction in an online environment.

It makes it really really simple to manage a project and to see exactly where you are in terms of the status of that transaction.

Transact can be used on all deals whether it's a really small deal or on a very complicated one.

It will simplify the documentation process on the loan. It will enable the borrower to contribute all the relevant documentation very easily and just get you to the close quicker.

If you're interested in finding out more about Workshare Transact and learning about the experience that we've had with other banks get in touch.