Video - Workshare Transact Product Release Update

Product Manager, Owen Oliver, explains the latest feature releases in Workshare Transact. They've been developed to improve the experience of the transactional teams using and creating online checklists.


We're engaged now with around 80 percent of the top 20 UK law firms, with three due to contract with us by the end of July. That's providing us with a great number of lawyers for feedback on the products for ideas and for inspiration on building features.

We implemented status labels towards the end of last year and you can now filter against those status labels. So, if, for example, you want to see all the outstanding documents on your checklist, you can simply filter against that label and see that list of documents.

You can also now export filtered versions and then have the checklist, so if you have filtered the checklist to see, for example, all the outstanding items, then you can now export a pdf or Word version of that list to forward on to the relevant people that need to see it.

We've now completed the first stages of being able to edit the checklist within the main checklist screens. This means that users no longer have to go backwards and forwards between the checklist and the Edit screens to make simple edits to the checklist. We’ll be progressing that over the course of the summer to do more of the edit tasks within the main checklist screen.

Now also importing existing checklist into Transact is easier. If you have a checklist in Word or in Excel you can bring that into the application very quickly and create a workspace based on that checklist.

If you haven't seen Transact in action yet, please get in touch for a demo.