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Reducing data loss for your firm

iManage and Workshare have come together to provide the legal enterprise with a new approach to protecting client data.

In this webinar, hosts Ian Raine, iManage VP of product management, and Vijay Thampy, Workshare senior product manager, discuss:

*Applying policy-driven security and data protection
*Preventing mis-directed emails
*Implementing proactive data loss prevention
*Simplifying administration of security changes
*Effective risk detection and threat management
*Accurate identification and investigation of threats

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Webinar 1 - How is Workshare Compare relevant in iManage Work 10?

If you’re an administrator in charge of iManage; moving to Work 10; or are already using Work 10, please join our webinar on how Workshare Compare is going to be relevant.

There’s lots to cover, so we’re running two 45min sessions on this topic. In this first session, you will learn:

What comes with the integration
What's new and may affect you
How you run a comparison
All about the features and benefits

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Webinar 2 - How is Workshare Compare relevant in iManage Work 10?

A step-by-step guide to getting up and running with Workshare Compare in iManage Work 10.

If you’re an administrator in charge of iManage; moving to Work 10; or are already using Work 10, please join our webinar on how Workshare Compare is going to be relevant.

In this second webinar of our series, you will get a full guide on setting up the integration.

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Has your email gone to the wrong John?

Workshare’s CRO, Nick Thomson hosted a webinar to share our security proposition for law firms. If you are investigating, selecting or implementing data loss prevention (DLP) solutions for your firm, watch the playback.

You'll learn how…

- We can help you comply with data regulators and increasingly stringent client audits
- To get insight without burdening IT and Security teams, while still being able to make solid DLP investments and policy decisions
- You can accurately tell when an ethical wall has been breached
- To leverage patterns and learning to track matter file distribution across your mail flow

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NetDocuments and Workshare Webinar

Simply compare files in the cloud

NetDocuments is embedding file comparison in its cloud-based document management system. Powered by Workshare Compare Everywhere, users can quickly and accurately compare two files while staying in the NetDocuments UI.

Hosted by:
Peter Buck, NetDocuments' VP of Product Strategy
Francesco Burns, Senior Product Manager for Workshare

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Workshare Risk Analytics with LexSoft

Workshare and Lexsoft Systems joined forces for a webinar on Tuesday, 28th November 2017.

In this webinar, we discussed how to reduce or even eliminate loss of sensitive data over email.

We showcase new Risk Analytics tech and look at how firms around the world are using it to overcome data loss issues.

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A New World of Comparison

Being able to compare important documents is essential to legal professionals. However, running a comparison between two documents isn’t as important as actually understanding what’s changed.
The context of changes is what’s truly important. Understanding the type of change, how that change is relevant to you; understanding who you are and the changes you care about is where value is added.

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Get on board the Mobile Express

Mobility is unstoppable. 81% of employees access work documents on the move but 72% go behind their I.T. department's backs to do so.

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Introducing the Workshare integration with Tikit P4W Case Manager

Date: Monday 18th September 2017, 13:00 GMT

Tikit and Workshare have teamed up give P4W users a dynamic and cloud-based file sharing experience. Workshare’s unique technology offering has now been integrated with the P4W Case Manager.

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The Future of Comparison for Clients of iManage Webinar

Our CRO Nick Thompson talks about the future of file comparison for clients of iManage and the enhancements available on Workshare 9.5

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Beautiful Basics Part 2: It’s a Question of File Security Webinar

In this playback, you will hear Nick Thomson, Workshare’s CRO, explain how regulated firms can now protect sensitive client data sent via email. Auditing and identifying data risks based on information about the sender, the recipient and the destination of the file. Nick explains how it’s easier for firms to comply with outside counsel guidelines and security policies.

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The Future of File Comparison for Clients of NetDocuments Webinar

Our CRO Nick Thompson talks about the future of file comparison for clients of NetDocuments and the enhancements available on Workshare 9.5

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Beautiful Basics Webinar – Compare Everywhere

Based on extensive customer and market research, our CRO, Nick Thomson, talks about what law firms planning a Windows or DMS upgrade need (and should demand) from their document comparison solution to make it future-proof.

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Workshare 9 - #1 for Attorney Productivity

Workshare 9 drives a 70% improvement in attorney productivity by simplifying and speeding up the document review process between lawyers and their clients. Watch this webinar to see why Workshare 9 is #1 for attorney productivity.

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Take Control of Unsecure File Sharing with Workshare

With large files and email attachments, employees are forced to either use old-fashioned FTP or circumvent company regulations by turning to unsecure consumer-grade applications. 72% of the people we surveyed do! Let us tell you about a better way to share large files.

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Document Protection in Action with Professional 9

Sharing documents through email can be risky. Join us to see how Professional 9 keeps your documents secure. See how to identify and clean hidden sensitive data from documents and how to share files outside your organisation securely.

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Document Comparison in Action with Professional 9

DeltaView is back and better in Professional 9! Join Ryan Soosayraj, Product Manager at Workshare, to see how Professional 9 quickens document comparisons, shortens review cycles and makes life easier for legal professionals.

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How to Minimize Risk in 'The Age of the Data Guardian'

Workshare recently hosted a series of roundtables, where CIOs and senior IT professionals discussed the trends in the workplace affecting their IT strategy. Watch this recorded webinar to understand how these trends are influencing IT strategies today, and best practice for reducing risk.

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The Legal Efficiency Challenge

Shorten review cycles without losing document integrity. Discover what technologies are available to provide a quick and accurate way to improve the efficiency of document reviews. Hear top tips on how to tackle lengthy review processes and increase your productivity.

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Escape Legal Deal Admin Through Technology

Learn how to manage your legal deal admin in a secure, organized way. Discover best practice and new technologies to increase efficiency, cut costs, and improve your overall experience when managing deals.

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Think Outside the Dropbox

Learn how Workshare Connect facilitates file sharing between employees without adding additional risk or friction, providing peace of mind for the company and team alike.

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Reimagining Multi-party Review with Workshare Professional 9

See how Workshare Professional 9 simplifies multi-party review. We will use real-world scenarios that are familiar to legal professionals everywhere to demonstrate how you can save time and improve accuracy.

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Risk Revealed: How to safely share your work

In a recent poll, we asked a cross-section of knowledge workers about the way they share files. Watch this webinar to discover some surprising facts about how employees are sharing work documents and the risks this poses to their organizations.

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8 Reasons why Professional 8 is Number 1 for Legal

Hear why Professional 8 is the number one choice for law firms and lawyers across the globe. Learn about recent updates to sharing and syncing files online, discover all new DMS integration methods and see real world examples of Professional 8 usage.

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Three Key Drivers & The Hybrid Epiphany

Watch this recorded webinar to discover what is driving businesses to consider alternative deployment options, how a hybrid file sharing solution works and why a hybrid solution is the future for file share and sync.

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Strike Back Against Metadata

Watch this webinar recording for practical, actionable guidance on how best to deal with document metadata. Learn how to establish and enforce metadata management policies that match your business needs without interfering with employee’s workflows

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Metadata: The Hidden Menace

Hidden metadata is in every file you send and poses a real threat that you or your users may not have considered. In this webinar you will learn how to reduce the risk of accidentally sharing metadata in your documents on any device.

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Why are 78% of Lawyers Struggling to be Productive?

The stark and harsh reality is that the law profession is notoriously demanding with an intense pressure to ‘do’. During a recent webinar entitled, ‘The Legal Productivity Challenge’, we asked a panel of industry experts the question: ‘Why are so many legal professionals struggling?”

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