Service Offerings

Workshare has a specialist, in-house, multi-lingual customer support organization that delivers comprehensive services across the globe for its best-of-breed technology. We deliver services that help firms deploy technology into unique environments quickly, educate end-users efficiently, and support those users effectively to minimize the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Description Authorized Support Partners Workshare
Tech Support & Maintenance
Deployment Services  
User Training & Curriculum Development  
Customization or Integration Services  

Tech Support and Maintenance

Technical support and product upgrades are covered with a current software support subscription. Varying support options are detailed under Support Plans.

Deployment Services

Receive deployment assistance with new technology rollouts or upgrades to desktop, network and/or back office systems from authorized Workshare partners worldwide.

User Training & Curriculum Development

Training and curriculum development is available in pre-canned or customized formats from Workshare authorized partners worldwide. Workshare's value-added partners can help you develop the skills to fully realize the capabilities of the software and deliver the highest quality technical education and training resources available on Workshare and related technologies.

Customization and Integration Services

Customization and integration services are not generally necessary to utilize Workshare technology in most environments. However, there are occasional customer requests for help with large, complex environments, unique document workflow, or integrations with legacy document management systems.

If a customized environment is right for your organization, a Workshare authorized partner can work with you to scope your project and take advantage of all the unique ways that Workshare solutions can integrate with accompanying technologies.